Nina Endrst Yoga x Flores Lane

As seen in The New York Times

Hand poured soy wax

Our Meditation candle was made with intention and love for you to place and light mindfully.

Meditation looks and feels different for everyone. It is a deeply personal practice – which means you decide what works for you. Some of us are able to settle in when we sit and bring attention to our breath. For others a mindful walk in nature, cooking, or washing dishes brings peace. Practice in a way that works for you — all that matters is that you come back to yourself again and again....


Chakra + Mantra Candles

Nina was introduced to Trish right before making the move home to NY from Tulum, Mexico. When she arrived there was a beautiful package of candles waiting at her doorstep. There was something special about them, each of them hand - poured with obvious care. She placed them mindfully around her house in an effort to create a home. Nina was instantly inspired to collaborate, and so these healing chakra/mantra candles were created. 

Nina believes in the practice on and off the mat. There are many ways stay centered – her approach as a student/teacher is primarily rooted in healing from the ground up and the inside out, which is one of the reasons she loves working with Chakras. Each energy center (Chakra) is linked to physical health, major organ function, elements, and emotional state. It is important to keep these open and in balance so energy can flow freely and we can live our best lives.

Flores Lane was founded on the idea of sustainable luxury. Their unique NY + LA inspired lines have been featured in Allure, NYLON, R29, and more. Trish also created a healing candle for Lyme disease – she struggled with the disease for years and wants to share all that she has learned on the path to healing through this work. 



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