The Mentorship

1:1 Soul Guidance Program

16 Week minimum

Monthly payment : $600, 4 FaceTime sessions per month (60 min)

This offering is a holistic approach to your overall wellbeing; mind, body, heart, soul. For those who are seeking a deeper dive and tools to access outside of the hour appointment. This program is about rebuilding from the ground up, I work with several healing modalities and an open, honest dialogue. It is not always easy but it is absolutely worth it.

Available virtually or in person, Hudson, NY

More details below

1:1 Movement + Meditation Certificate

Exchange: $3300 (Payment plan available upon request to be paid over the course of 5 months)

I created this certification program for those who are drawn to 1:1 work and feel called to deepen their personal practice and or want to hold space for others. We will work together to create a syllabus that highlights your gifts and also allows you to move gracefully through the shadow work. It’s quite a journey - one that will truly transform you and your offerings. x


Is this right for you? 

If you are feeling a pull to change, learn, or heal something in your life, send me an email to schedule a free consultation and find out if we are a good fit. These programs are tailored to your needs and unique gifts as a student, guide, healer - human. I work with several different healing modalities and the only requirement is that you show up honestly.

This is for everyone.

The programs are fluid and will look different for each of us because there is no one size fits all approach. My intention is to empower you on this journey and leave you with tools that you can access long after our work is done. Together, we will uncover and heal old wounds, clear space, expand, and bring you closer to your true self. 

I am honored to hold a safe and supportive space for you to connect with your heart. The rest will unfold as it's meant to.  

What will we cover during our time together? 

How much or little we touch on below depends on your needs/interests. 

Offerings include but are not limited to;

Your “why” - what brought you here?

Yoga + Meditation: Practicing & or Teaching (depending on option 1 or 2)

Big and little t (trauma)

Physical and emotional pain


Breaking patterns/cycles that do not serve us

Journey through the Tarot   

Meditation techniques; practicing and or leading guided meditation 

Confidence building -  tapping into your gifts

Self care / Rituals

Energetic boundaries

Home practice 

Intention setting / co - creating with the universe 

Taking control of your life

Healthy communication in relationships

Inner child work

Connecting with ourselves through nature

Coping with anxiety

Chakra balancing

Reiki / Energy work

How does it work? 

FaceTime sessions held once a week depending on availability. Outside of that time you will have guided soul work, reading, guided meditations, movement, journaling and so much more to keep you empowered and in the work. We will communicate regularly regarding self study and directed study. 

What does it cost?

Mentorship ($555 per month) minimum 4 month commitment - please note I usually work with people 6-8 months) we will have an open dialogue and see what works best for you.

$3300 for Movement and Meditation Training Certificate, Payment plan available for both. 

Please email or fill out form to set up a free consultation to discuss in depth and detail.


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I have been a student of Nina's for about nine months now and I can safely say that this work is life-changing. When we started, I had done a great deal of work on my Self, but I was in need of a guide who could help me take it deeper and further. Nina has an uncanny ability to balance the practical, earthly, real life truths, along with being a deeply spiritual guide and channel. Nina has encouraged me and guided me through massive life changes and choices, empowering me to boldly walk the path of my soul, and teaching me to listen to my heart's calling. I have never felt more deeply in alignment with my Self. I am proud to call her a teacher and mentor and I look forward to seeing what else unfolds of our time together.

Kelly I - Norwalk, CT

Committing to the mentorship with Nina as my guide has been completely transformative. When I started, I had recently moved to Upstate New York, was reeling from a breakup, felt stuck in a job that was not serving me, and just knew I was out of alignment. I was ready to do just about anything- get another new job, or move to another new place- to radically change my life, but felt pulled to look within first. There were old wounds to heal, limiting beliefs to shed, and serious soul work to do.

The shifting, releasing, and connecting began when I first wrote my "why." Throughout all twelve weeks, I looked forward to our conversations, the movement and meditation offerings, the readings and journaling prompts, which all worked together in truly miraculous ways. Nina tailored the mentorship to my needs, and it did not take a lot of explaining on my part for her to read exactly what those were. Every week I experienced revelations, breakthroughs, and new understandings. The process was riveting, beautiful, not easy, but so healing. Since our mentorship, I have welcomed new love into my life, found income streams that feel right to me, and have worked through blocks in the way of my confidence, self-worth, and personal power. Working with Nina has been a catapult into a life lived more intuitively, with clarity, grace, sincerity, and trust in the process. I can truly say I feel more connected than ever before. I would highly, highly encourage anyone considering it, to take the leap and commit to this incredible work.

Kate D, Ghent, NY


Before I began working with Nina, I was lost, cut off from my children and husband and had no boundaries or self-worth. 

In six months, Nina has helped me to completely turn my life around. 

I have created healthy boundaries in all aspects of my life, I have re-built my self-worth, I’m making the steps to remove myself from unhealthy working relationships, I have connected to and am currently developing long buried intuitive gifts, and most importantly I’m putting myself and my family first in my life.

The journey has not always been pretty, but Nina created a safe space for me to dig deep into all aspects of my life internally and externally. 

Without Nina I can honestly say I would be nowhere near the person I am today and with the self-worth, confidence and growth I have experienced since taking the leap to work with Nina I know I will continue to grow and create the life my family and I deserve.

Nina always knows when to push and when to listen, from the first conversation I felt safe and supported and never felt I was alone on this journey.

I am blessed to call Nina a mentor and friend and will continue to work with her for the rest of my life!

 Megan, Tasmania, Australia


How do I adequately put into words my experience and relationship with Nina? I’ll start with  the first words that comes to mind- life changing. I knew the moment I met her years ago that she was meant to be in my life in a big way but I could never have predicted how impactful she would be. When I began my mentorship with Nina, I was stuck, lost and depressed- I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to get out of it. All I knew was that I needed a North Star and someone to see me, hear me and feel me. At times the work would prove to be difficult and emotional. It could feel isolating but Nina has this amazing ability of creating a safe and sacred space to dig deep within yourself.

She pushed me to my edge but allowed me to get to places on my own and that’s where my breakthroughs happened. She made me feel that it was all ok, that I was ok and that this my journey to have. She catered to my specific needs and developed a program that was designed to meet them. I can honestly say that I’ve never felt better and more solid about who I am as a person and woman. I know I would never have gotten to this place of peace, love, and acceptance without her guidance. She’s a gifted teacher and spending the time to work with her has proven to be invaluable and has literally changed my life.

Brittany K, Cherry Hill, NJ


Nina is a force to be reckoned with, and I am grateful every day that I took the leap to complete this mentorship with her. She taught me to challenge myself, equally soften myself, and helped shed light on gifts I had been ignoring. She holds a supportive space for her clients. By the end I felt a release of energy I had been holding for too long, and a lighter and brighter outlook on my relationships, career, practice and sense of self. The harmony I feel in my life today is a direct reflection of nina and her commitment to this work.

Kate V, Philadelphia, PA


There are no simple words for what my time working with Nina has been. Nothing short of magical + transformational. The woman is gold! What started as distance private yoga sessions evolved into a mentorship that has helped me not only find my voice and but to truly connect to myself. Nina held supportive and safe space for real inner healing to be done and she did this with  grace + ease. Through my work with Nina I was able to learn how to live from a heart centered place, grounded for what may be the first time in my life.  I am now equipped with tools that will stick with me for life. However you may find yourself working with Nina, you can be sure you will leave feeling a little more whole and in some way a little closer to home. Thank you for your undeniable magic!

Bianca P, Providence, Rhode Island


Recently, someone asked me if my mentorship with Nina was worth the investment. Without hesitation, I said "not only was it worth it, but it is the best time and money I've ever spent in my life". Truly, it is. I came into the mentorship looking to extend my yoga teacher training, but through Nina's guidance, deep work and exploration, she helped me discover an entirely new path for myself. Coming out of this mentorship, I feel full. Nina helped ignite my inner passion, increase my confidence, and all around wake me up. Nina has changed my life and she will change yours. My only regret? Not finding her sooner :) 

Jennifer C, Philadelphia, PA