The Power

I’ve put so much work into my home the past few years
It feels like I’ve moved to an entirely different house
It’s the same structure though
I just stopped neglecting it
For years I tried ignore the damage
But I had to do something
It was falling apart
I started with the inside and then moved to the garden
I’m really happy with it
It looks beautiful and feels safe and warm
I don’t expect it to ever be finished
There will always be work to do
Before the renovations my house was much darker
When it was stormy I would lose power so easily
Sometimes the power would be out for days
I used to sit in the dark a lot
Now I try to keep the door and windows open
It seems to help
It's much brighter here now
My power still goes out from time to time  
Especially when it's stormy
So I have at least one candle burning at all times
That way I can see in the dark

I walked by your house today
It was darker than usual
The door was closed and the blinds were drawn
I couldn’t see inside
Did your power go out? 
Was there a storm? 
When you get this let me know
I am your neighbor so please don’t hesitate to reach out
Really, I am happy to help
If it did go out, please don't worry
It will come back
And if you don't have enough candles to light the way we can build a fire together

That should do the trick