You are the sky. Everything else- it’s just the weather.
— Pema Chödrön

Nina's upbringing deeply influenced her approach to wellness. Her own chronic health issues and childhood trauma prompted her to leave her job in fashion – and deepen her practice which ultimately led her down the teaching path. She studied with some of the best in New York, and continues to seek guidance and expand through daily meditation, books, music, and movement. 

She believes in the healing power of stillness, love, and acceptance. She guides but more importantly empowers people to live in their truth and align with their soul purpose. Nina is deeply committed to this work and feels it’s an honor to provide a safe and supportive space for people to thrive. She is a nurturer, certified yoga + meditation guide, reiki master practitioner, writer and intuitive guide.

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What people are saying -

Before I began working with Nina, I was lost, cut off from my children and husband and had no boundaries or self-worth. 

In six months, Nina has helped me to completely turn my life around. 

I have created healthy boundaries in all aspects of my life, I have re-built my self-worth, I’m making the steps to remove myself from unhealthy working relationships, I have connected to and am currently developing long buried intuitive gifts, and most importantly I’m putting myself and my family first in my life.

The journey has not always been pretty, but Nina created a safe space for me to dig deep into all aspects of my life internally and externally. 

Without Nina I can honestly say I would be nowhere near the person I am today and with the self-worth, confidence and growth I have experienced since taking the leap to work with Nina I know I will continue to grow and create the life my family and I deserve.

Nina always knows when to push and when to listen, from the first conversation I felt safe and supported and never felt I was alone on this journey.

I am blessed to call Nina a mentor and friend and will continue to work with her for the rest of my life!

Megan, Tasmania, Australia


Nina is a force to be reckoned with, and I am grateful every day that I took the leap to complete this mentorship with her. She taught me to challenge myself, equally soften myself, and helped shed light on gifts I had been ignoring. She holds a supportive space for her clients. By the end I felt a release of energy I had been holding for too long, and a lighter and brighter outlook on my relationships, career, practice and sense of self. The harmony I feel in my life today is a direct reflection of nina and her commitment to this work.

Kate V, Philadelphia, PA


There are no simple words for what my time working with Nina has been. Nothing short of magical + transformational. The woman is gold! What started as distance private yoga sessions evolved into a mentorship that has helped me not only find my voice and but to truly connect to myself. Nina held supportive and safe space for real inner healing to be done and she did this with  grace + ease. Through my work with Nina I was able to learn how to live from a heart centered place, grounded for what may be the first time in my life.  I am now equipped with tools that will stick with me for life. However you may find yourself working with Nina, you can be sure you will leave feeling a little more whole and in some way a little closer to home. Thank you for your undeniable magic!

Bianca P, Providence, Rhode Island


Recently, someone asked me if my mentorship with Nina was worth the investment. Without hesitation, I said "not only was it worth it, but it is the best time and money I've ever spent in my life". Truly, it is. I came into the mentorship looking to extend my yoga teacher training, but through Nina's guidance, deep work and exploration, she helped me discover an entirely new path for myself. Coming out of this mentorship, I feel full. Nina helped ignite my inner passion, increase my confidence, and all around wake me up. Nina has changed my life and she will change yours. My only regret? Not finding her sooner :) 

Jennifer C, Philadelphia, PA

Not only is Nina an exquisite yoga teacher, but a magnificent spirit. On multiple trips to Tulum I've been in awe of taking her classes and receiving her gifts as a teacher and healer. The way she teaches is accessible to all levels of yoga practioners, and her ability to be authentic and inspiring at the same time makes for the ideal yoga experience. Whether it's just as student in one of her classes or arranging to have her teach 17 of us girls (not kidding!) and share her skills with tarot, it is all seamless and oh so enjoyable. Truly grateful I found her and anyone who is able to take her class is truly lucky. I can't wait to make it to one of her retreats and connect with her again :)

Tara M, San Francisco, CA

Nina is magic! 
She's pure spirit, but still human and a bad ass human at that! Her teaching style encompasses everyone's levels and her ability to connect is magnetic. She reminded me that I can still embody the pureness of myself with all the raw edges and embrace my truth. A big group of us were in Tulum celebrating a bachelorette party and Nina taught us yoga + pulled tarot! She's relatable and beautifully inspiring. Thank you Nina for sharing your knowledge and your light. 

Chelsea N, New York, New York

Nina is everything I look for in a Yoga instructor, and then some. She has this incredible ability to read the energy of the individuals in her class and channel that into a flow that seems to touch every part of your physical and emotional being in all the right ways. Her classes are always just enough movement to feel that you're strengthening your body, combined with a beautiful insight and wisdom that open your mind, which in my case resulted in a state of euphoria. 
She is amazing and I wish I could have brought her back to New York with me! I left Tulum in complete bliss, a total tribute to Nina's teaching.

Holly S, New York, New York


Nina lights up every space she enters.  Her magnetism and deep understanding of yoga is both inspiring and transformative.  Nina holds space for her students to feel both safe and adventurous in movement of body and spirit.  Nina goes beyond the asana and invites a very spiritual and meditative practice.  I discovered my personal meditation practice through the inspiration and encouragement of Nina's classes.  With her knowledge and discipline, she invites students to explore beyond their limits and discover inner self.  It's always a joy to be part of Nina's classes, and I look forward to more in the future.  Thank you for your knowledge and beautiful spirit that radiates inside and out. 

Julia K, Portland, OR


I spent a week with Nina in Tulum and it was wonderful. She is patient and supportive and teaches in a way that is accessible to all levels. I have been practicing yoga off and on for almost 40 years and there were people in our group who were beginners.

And she was able to teach in a way that worked for everyone in the group.
That is difficult to pull off! She teaches with kindness, humility, and respect for her students and understands that they each know their own bodies best.
The 5 days that I spent in her retreat were 5 of the best days of my life! Do it!!! … You won’t regret it.

Susan C, San Francisco, CA


I had the pleasure of attending a yoga reTREAT in January with my best friend. The rooms were quaint with a rustic vibe. The food was prepared fresh and very delicious.
My favorite part of the journey was our yoga teacher Nina. She held such a safe space for us to explore our breath, body, and expand our hearts. I had several emotional breakthroughs thanks to Nina's supportive nature and her awareness to connect to her students needs in the moment.
I would definitely return.

Jessica A, Washington, DC