1:1 soul guidance sessions virtually or in person. If you are looking to heal, change, shift or grow in your life - this is for you. I work with several healing modalities, chakras and honest, open communication.  

Exchange: $133

Visit Soul Guidance page, here for more in depth programs


1:1 or Group Tarot by appointment. In person or virtually. Tarot is a read differently by all – I believe the Tarot is meant to bring to light what we already “know” to be true. I believe everyone is a healer in their own right and respectfully use the deck (s) to explore the light that is present and also the shadows. I hold a supportive and safe space for clients to ask questions and explore the imagery and lessons of the cards fully and honestly. 

Exchange: $111


In person - Hudson, NY

Distance reiki available virtually


Reiki level 1 + 2

(All pricing below)

Reiki is a form of energy work that is channeled through the practitioner to bring universal healing energy to the clients, mind, body and spirit. Clearing blockages, open channels, restoring harmony in the subtle body. Hands on or off depending on preference.

Reiki session

Exchange: $133


Reiki level 1 : $333

Reiki level 2 : $444


Virtually or in person (group or individuals) 

Exchange: $222

(per hour depending on group size) 

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